31 Benefits of Aloevera

  1. Aloevera acts as Detoxifier which means it helps to remove toxins from the body.
  2. Aloevera works as healing agent which means it helps to repair damaged cells.
  3. Aloevera contains Anti-Fungal & Anti-bacterial properties.
  4. Aloevera contains enzymes which helps to give relief from inflammation & Redness.
  5. Regular intake of Aloevera helps to correct the flow of Blood, which helps to reduce the possibility of cell damage.
  6. Aloevera helps to prevent formation of Ulcers.
  7. Aloevera helps to give relief from Arthiritis.
  8. Regular consumption of Aloevera helps to give relief from dental problems such as Stomatitis, Bad breathe, gingivitis & Peridontitis.
  9. Aloevera helps to restore energy level & promotes good health.
  10. Aloevera contains Anti-viral properties which helps to from any type of infection.
  11. Aloevera helps to treat digestion related problems.
  12. Aloevera  helps to balance immune system.
  13. Aloevera contains essential enzymes that helps to boost liver functions.
  14. Aloevera helps  to promote the process of cell reconstruction.
  15. Aloevera helps to improve skin tone.
  16. Aloevera helps in formation of new cells of the skin.
  17. Aloevera helps to reduce inflammation, helps to kill bacteria & virus & helps to provide essential nutrients which helps to promote healthy tissue growth.
  18. Aloevera helps to improve cellular functions in the body.
  19. Aloevera helps to treat problems related to stomach.
  20. Aloevera helps to give relief from Constipation.
  21. Aloevera helps to nourish & soothes the skin.
  22. Aloevera helps to treat problems related to skin such as Red spots, psoriasis, Eczema.
  23. Aloevera helps to prevent skin from harmful radiations of sun.
  24. Aloevera helps to prevent Wrinkles on the skin.
  25. Aloevera helps to treat wounds & infection of skin.
  26. Aloevera has cooling properties which helps to give instant relief from burns & blisters.
  27. Aloevera helps to treat skin burn, cuts & scratches.
  28. Aloevera helps to remove stretch marks from the skin.
  29. Aloevera helps to give relief from itching due to skin allergy & insect bite.
  30. Aloevera works as good conditioner for Hair.
  31. Aloevera helps to revitalize dry hair & also helps to promote hair growth.