India Fights Back


As Infection, Flu & virus is spreading at an alarming rate in India & number of cases is increasing at faster rate.

It is very important

To keep your immune system strong

Keep yourself secured from germs

Though, Altos leaders & consultants have strong immune system due to regular use of Tulsi power drops but our duty is to take extra precautions to fight this situation.

To ensure safety of your family and neighbourhood, kindly take these preventive measures to keep yourself healthy and strong.

  1. Especially children and old age people should take 5-5 drops Altos Tulsi drops morning, afternoon, evening & at night before sleep on regular basis.
  2. Try to drink Tulsi power in warm water.
  3. Educate your neighbourhood regarding use of Altos Tulsi Drops and Altos Hand Sanitizer.
  4. Keep Altos Sanitizer travel pack in your pocket everytime.
  5. Teach kids to use hand sanitizer regularly as well.
  6. Strong immunity leads to STRONG INDIA.
  7. Keep your surroundings hygienic.