Refresh Your Skin With Zordan Herbals

The burning summer heat is unbearable, but don’t let the heat beat you down. By using few products, you can save your skin in this hot weather. By keeping yourself hydrated & protecting your skin from the sun, you can keep yourself fresh and cool this summer. Here are some Zordan Herbal’s products which can help to keep you refreshed during summer.

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Strawberry Body Wash:

This is a refreshing everyday body wash that cares for your skin. It contains strawberry which gives you a relaxing experience. The delicate fragrance and nourishing ingredients will make showering time a delight. Its mild, gentle formula is kind to your skin and is suitable for daily use. This aromatic shower gel will give you soft, moisturized and youthful skin round the clock. It contains skin conditioners which deeply nourishes the skin. It gently removes dead skin while simultaneously promoting healthy cell turnover.

Jojoba Moisturising Body lotion:

It contains Jojoba oil & Almond oil, which reduces dryness & redness on skin. This body lotion will keep your skin hydrated during summers. The mixture of Jojoba oil & Almond oil will treat your dull and dry skin. Jojoba contains vitamin E & vitamin B complex. It helps to give moisturizing effect to skin. Almond oil helps to protect your skin from UV radiation damage and helps your skin look smooth & soft. It helps to rejuvenate the skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth. It will help to give you freshness throughout the day.

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Neem Face Wash:

Enriched with the ingredients like Neem, Aloe vera & Tea tree oil, is one of the best summer skin care product that helps in preventing pimples, acne and dark spots. It contains Neem extract which gives long lasting benefits in removing dust, dirt & pollutants. Both Aloe Vera & Tea Tree oil helps in giving a fair skin tone and flawless skin. It helps to reveal a fresh layer of skin beneath & gives Natural Glow.

Rose Skin Toner:

The best way to look fresh throughout the day is to use a rose toner. It can be applied anytime and anywhere. It contains Rose Extract which acts as a cooling agent. Rosewater helps maintain the skin's pH balance, and also controls excess oil. It is said to be ideal to beat the summer heat. It helps to hydrate the skin from within. Bring back a smooth, silky feel with Rose Skin Tone.

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