Safety from Corona

Corona is an infectious disease which is spreading rapidly day by day. It attacks our immune system & also weakens our respiratory system. Due to which we have to suffer from serious symptoms like Cough & difficulty in Breathing. At this stage it is very important to keep our immunity strong by following below written guidelines.

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Whenever you touch any unhygienic surface, immediately use Altos Hand Rub Gel. Take coin sized hand rub gel & gently rub in between your hands.


Make a habit of washing hands after every 2-3 hours for minimum 20 seconds.

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Save your body from certain bacteria, virus & toxins, take 5 drops Tulsi power in lukewarm water thrice a day.

Immunity Boosters:

To keep your immune system strong, take Altos Ayush Kwath powder 3gm (half tablespoon) twice or thrice a day by boiling it in 150 ml water.

You can also take other immunity boosting products like Ashwagandha Capsule & Haldi pure Capsule twice or thrice a day.

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