Sumit Viswhwakarma

"Any Dream Doesn't Become Reality By Magic; It Takes Sweat, Determination, and Hard Work."

I hail from Rourkela city in Odisha, where I started my career as an Electrician in the year 1999.I have been associated with Altos, which is one of the oldest Home Grown Direct Selling Company of India. I was introduced to Altos business opportunity by Mr. Rajat Kumar Kar.

My Family

I joined Altos because I was looking for a side income which would help me in supplementing the income which  I was earning as an electrician, At times I would be short of funds to take care of large expenses like hospitalization and healthcare of my elderly parents.

My sales journey started with using Aroplex +  in May, 2012. While using the Altos products I immediately started selling it in my social circle under the guidance of Mr. Rajat. The most memorable day, even today, is my very first pay cheque of rupees 600, which I received in my very first month. The motivation which I received from that Rs 600 cheque keeps me going on and I have been able to guide many people who joined me in my sales network under the aegis of Altos, to become financially sound.

After joining Altos, I got exposed to their education system and trainings, which in turn I imparted to the people who joined under me in my down line, which has made me a more confident person and I have been able to develop leadership qualities.

I am passionate about representing Altos, and I want it to become a World Class Direct Selling Company and I want to be recognized as an internationally acclaimed Direct Selling professional.

I have a message for people who aspire to build careers in Direct Selling. They should have patience and perseverance to reach for their goals.

I have a straight forward plan for the sales network under me, to take them to the level of 'Crown Ambassador' and develop more leaders.

My one liner of success is 3A's   Aim clearly – Attain Consistency in every day planning & learning – Actualize your potential.

"Your belief in yourself is a ladder to continuous success."

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