Dilip Kumar Mishra

"Let your business growth speak for Itself”

I have found new meanings for my aspirations by getting associated with Altos. Business Opportnity at  Altos has transformed and equipped me with entrepreneurial skills.

My Family

I have found new meanings for my aspirations by getting associated with Altos. Business Opportunity at Altos has transformed and equipped me with entrepreneurial skills. I joined Altos in February 2012 on recommendation of Mr.Rajat Kumar Kar. Initially, he recommended me to use Aroplex product to treat the Ulcer in my body. After experiencing the magical improvement in my ulcers by using  Altos products , I had no choice but to start pitching the amazing benefits of these products to my friends & family circle. As I also wanted them to improve their immunity which I personally experienced.

My association with Altos has benefitted me on multiple fronts. It has shown me to look at the positive side of everything  throughout my life. I want to  thank all those who rejected my sales pitch in my early days as that helped me to create a new 'walk the talk' and to add the product as a solution which lead to a wide sales network under me. I have indeed become financially sound. Consequently, I think the key to happiness is progress, growth & consistently working on oneself.

I develop my down line with hand-holding the joinees and ensuring that they create a vision which is clear and achievable in the next five years. This five year program which is instilled in my downline is my real power and it is because of this plan  that we have achieved exponential sales within my network.

I recommend everyone to always meet new people and share the Altos Business Plan with them and focus on the vision plan and the benefits of achieving the ‘Royal Crown level. 

“Let your business growth speak for Itself”

My Mantra for  Field Sales Success is

A3 = Aim + Aspire + Action = Achievement

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