Mausumi Roy & Mani Sanker Roy

" Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other "

I  am fortunate to be associated with Altos Enterprises. The training systems put in place by Altos has enabled me to fulfil my potential. I was introduced to Altos by one of my close friends in Novemeber2013 . In the beginning when I started using altos products I discovered that they are of very high quality and are very effective.

My Family

I came to know about Altos from one of my senior colleagues at office and thereafter I visited the company Website and got aquainted with the company, its management & its product portfolio. I have been associated with Altos for the last eight years.

Initially , I was attracted to Altos health  products and  extensively researched about its health benefits. After exploring the benefits of these products I was prompted to recommend them in my social circle. I started attending Altos Meetings, Conferences, Training sessions and events regularly and got to know more about the system created by Altos to empower Direct Sellers in the field.

I am thankful & grateful to my upline for their guidance, cooperation and mentorship as I achieved the  ‘Diamond Level’ within 11 months of joining. Management at Altos has been very supportive of the efforts made by the Direct Sellers in the field. I enjoy mentoring people who aspire to join  Altos to pursue their entrepreneurial careers. I have a message for them as well:

  • They need to have a long range plan for their careers , and cultivate patience as it takes perseverance and lot of hard work to achieve success in the field and they cannot become successful, overnight.
  • Direct Selling requires commitment and they need to showcase the business opportunity plans to more and more people to build a favorable law of averages for themselves in Direct Selling Business.

“ Dream big, stay positive, work hard and enjoy the journey”

I would like to quote JF Kennedy , Former President of the United States in inspiring and motivating youngsters who wish to make a career in Direct Selling:

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other” Further I would like to share my Success Chant:

I3 = Inspiration + Imagination + Intention = Incredible career at Altos.