Oredent Toothpaste

oredent toothpaste contains Neem, Menthol, Tulsi and Clove oil. These constituents give double protection and longer life to teeths. It helps the gums to fight against germs and helps to stop accumulation of sticky substances on teeths. It helps in Strengthening of Gums. It helps to fight against Dental problems.

Net Vol MRP
170 gm ₹ 220
100 gm ₹ 130


  • Helps to prevents Plaque Formation
  • Helps to give double protection and long life to teeth
  • Helps to provide relief from sensitivity
  • Helps to provide fresh breath
  • Makes a natural protective shield around the teeth and gums to fight against germs for 24 hrs
  • Helps to fight against Dental Problems
  • The herbal mixture maintains the whiteness of the teeth.
  • Regular use prevents the formation of tartar.
  • Helps to prevent bad odour by cleaning teeth precisely.
  • Helps to remove the sticky deposits due to accumulation of food particles.
  • Helps to strengthen the weak gums and teeth.
  • Removes the yellowishness of teeth due to stains of tea, coffee, cigarette & tobacco.
  • Helps to prevent the decay of teeth.

How to Use

  • Put small amount of paste on toothbrush with soft bristles and rub it in up and down motion on teeth and gums softly. Wash the mouth with water completely. Brush twice a day for better results.