Daily Use Pack

Use this Pack for best results.

Applicable for Health & Living

Product Packing Qty. MRP
Deo Combo (Pack Of 3) 450 ml 1 660
Dish Top 250 ml 1 130
Face Wash Neem 60 ml 2 105
Hand Wash Tulsi & Aloevera 200 ml 1 150
Herbal Hair Oil 120 ml 1 230
Ore Amla 500 ml 1 225
Room Freshner 434 ml 2 350
Shampoo Long Hair 200 ml 1 270
Soap Haldi Aloevera Kesar 75 gm 1 60
Spirulina Tablet 30 tab 1 265
Sun Block Cream Spf-40 60 gm 2 199
Tea Premium 250 gm 1 235
Toothpaste Orefresh 100 gm 1 130
Tulsi Power 30 ml 1 295
Vigvit Protien Powder 200 gm 1 825

How to Use

  • Neem Face wash : Take required quantity on hands & gently wash face with circular motion for at least 2-3 minutes, clean with normal water
  • Orefresh Toothpaste : Put small amount of paste on toothbrush with soft bristles and rub it in up and down motion on teeth and gums softly. Wash the mouth with water completely. Brush twice a day for better results.
  • Ore Amla : Take 30 to 50 ml twice a day diluted in glass of lukewarm water or as directed by the physician.
  • Long Hair Shampoo : Apply small quantity of shampoo on wet hair depending upon the length of the hair. Keep it for for minutes. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.
  • SPF-40 : Apply sunscreen on face & neck before going outside in sunlight.
  • Hair Oil : Apply hair oil evenly on dry hair especially in hair roots. Massage gently daily
  • Kesar soap : Moisten the face . work up a rich foamy lather. Gently massage in circular motion for 1-2 minutes. Wash off & pat dry. For best results, use Kesar Soap twice a day.
  • Vigvit Protein Powder : Mix 10gm protein powder and sugar in hot milk and drink or mix with fresh fruits juices, along with gravy of pulses and vegetables, along with mixture of Chapati, Dosa, Parantha for maximum benefits
  • Tulsi Power : Take 5 drops of Tulsi power in a glass of Water twice a day or as directed by the physician
  • Spirulina : Take 1 Tablet morning & evening after food everyday or as directed by the physician