Vigvit Protein powder

Vigvit protein powder contains Soya. Addition on powder in diet improves body’s fighting ability. Mineral and Vitamin content helps to increase natural energy level. It is healthy and sugar free and helps to make Muscle health. It removes weakness in old age

Code Packing MRP
PROV200 200 gm 825
VIGPRO800 800 gm 2750



  • Helps to sustain health in healthy people.
  • Helps to make haemoglobin and fills the deficiency of blood cells.
  • Enriched with natural nutrients.
  • Helps to add strength and energy to body organs.
  • Helps to provide vital nutrients for athletes.
  • Beneficial in providing Iron, Protein, Vitamins & minerals.
  • Helps to remove weakness in old age.
  • Beneficial in state of pregnancy to restore energy level.
  • Helps to make muscle healthy.

How to Use

  • Mix 10gm protein powder and sugar in hot milk and drink or mix with fresh fruits juices, along with gravy of pulses and vegetables, along with mixture of Chapati, Dosa, Parantha for maximum benefits